Samuel S. van Blaricom

Naamvariaties: Blaricum-Blarecon

Geboren2 maart 1777inShrewsbury, Monmouth County NJ (US)
Overleden11 oktober 1856inFulton, Fulton County IN (US)
BegraveninReed Cemetery, Wayne Township, Fulton County IN (US)
VaderDavid J. van Blarcom
 Geboren10 augustus 1739
MoederElizabeth Parrelman
ZusJacomijntje ged. 18 december 1766
ZusJannetje ged. 27 september 1767
BroerGerrit geb. 25 september 1768
BroerJacobus ged. 25 december 1770
ZusSarah geb. omstreeks 1773
BroerJohn geb. 1775
BroerDavid geb. 24 augustus 1779
BroerPeter geb. omstreeks 1781
MilitairDe Oorlog van 1812Soldaat, Kapt. Isaac Monnett’s compagnie van 28 juli 1813 tot 6 september 1813

Volkstelling 1850Fulton County IN (US)

NotitiesSamuel S. Van Blaricom was born on March 2, 1777, in Monmouth County, New Jersey, to David J. and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) Van Blaricom. Sources suggest that her maiden name might have been Parrelman. He was baptized at Shrewsbury Township, Monmouth County, and may have been named after his uncle. The family moved to Northumberland County (today Columbia), Pennsylvania some time around 1782 to 1785. Around 1798, he married Ann Mariah "Mary Ann" Stasser. A 1802 tax assessment shows Samuel as occupying (probably leasing) a portion of a 150 acre portion of land owned by a Mr. Davis.
In 1805, Samuel followed his in-laws to Ross County, Ohio. The Act of March 26, 1804, cut the size and price of an Ohio land purchase, which probably prompted the Strassers and Van Blaricoms to purchase from the Chillicothe land office. The Strassers purchased their land, in Colerain Township about one mile south of Adelphi, on July 1 and 2, 1805. It appears that Samuel lived in the Strasser household. Samuel enlisted with Capt. Isaac Monnett's Company in Ross County for the War of 1812. Enlisting July 28, 1813, he served from August 11 to September 6. He received $7.20 for his 27 days service; it does not appear that the unit saw any combat.
Samuel appears to have founded his own homestead in 1816, when he bought an 83 acre piece of land two miles away, in what was then Hocking Township, for $260.25. The land was the southern half of the northeastern quarter of R19-T11-S17. The township was split off into its own county in 1818, and Samuel's land became part of Salt Creek Township. They purchased another 80 acres on May 16, 1822 (northern half of the northeastern quarter of R19-T11-S17) on a mortgage to George Gaul. The investment failed; on September 10, 1825, he sold both parcels at a loss to Peter Kershner.
Samuel moved northwest to Shelby County, Ohio, shortly thereafter. He purchased 77.85 acres of land in Dinsmore Township (R13-T02-S35) on November 20, 1827. He is listed as living in Duchouquet Township in Allen County in 1840. In March 1844, the family moved again, to Liberty Township, Fulton County, Indiana. They may have briefly lived in Cass County along the Eel River near Adamsboro. His purchase of 40 acres was made on October 20, 1845 (southeastern quarter of the southwestern quarter of R2E-T29N-S21). He added another 40 acres on August 20, 1846 (southwestern quarter of the northeastern quarter of R2E-T29N-S20) for $50. He later resold some of his property to his children. Samuel remained in Fulton County for the rest of his life. His farm was valued at $50 in 1850. He died on October 11, 1856, and was buried in Reed Cemetery near Marshown. A new grave marker was installed for him in 1991.

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Huwelijk omstreeks 1798inNorthumberland County PA (US)
metMary Ann Strawser
Geboren14 april 1781inNew York (US)
Overleden14 december 1864inFulton County IN (US)
Begraven inReed Cemetery, Wayne Township, Fulton County IN (US)
Kinderen David geb. 1 jan. 1800
Henry Strawser geb. 1 mei 1803
John W. geb. 11 nov. 1805
Philip geb. 20 okt. 1809
Elizabeth geb. 21 april 1811
Julia Ann geb. 15 dec. 1813
Samuel S. geb. 17 april 1818
Margaret geb. 7 juni 1819
Mary Ann geb. 17 maart 1821
Sarah geb. jan. 1824
Polly geb. omstreeks 1826
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Grafsteen op Reed
Cemetery, Wayne Township,
Fulton County IN (US)
(Bron: Mike VanBlaricom)

(Bron: Mike VanBlaricom)

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