Ernest M. [Emmet] van Blaricom
Geboren27 maart 1882inLong Prairie, Todd County MN (US)
Overleden9 juli 1883inLong Prairie, Todd County MN (US)
BegraveninEvergreen Cemetery, Long Prairie, Todd County MN (US)
VaderPhillip Eli [Ernest] van Blaricom
 Geboren5 oktober 1840
 Overleden30 mei 1925
MoederMary Matilda Yarno
BroerPhillip Conrad geb. 19 augustus 1880
ZusMartha Ellen geb. 13 augustus 1884
ZusMinnie Olive geb. 24 augustus 1886
BroerDavid Ray geb. 8 september 1888
BroerNoble Jerome geb. 23 mei 1890
ZusGrace Ethel geb. 23 juni 1895
ZusNellie May geb. 23 maart 1897
HalfbroerWilliam Henry geb. 8 mei 1867
HalfbroerFranklin Benjamin geb. 29 november 1869
HalfbroerAbraham Lincoln geb. 5 november 1870
HalfbroerSamuel Taylor geb. 9 februari 1872
HalfbroerJohn Newton geb. 2 maart 1874

Sad Case of Drowning -- On last Monday, the little boy of Philip Van Blaricom, sixteen months old, fell into a well and drowned. The father was off at work in the field and the mother was working in the garden when the child fell into the well. She left her work to get a drink at the well when she discovered the child floating on the water. They endeavored to resusitate the child, but he was far too gone. The burial took place on Tuesday.

Todd County Argus, July 13, 1883.

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