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William van Blarcom
Geboren1814teBergen County NJ (US)
Overleden1856teLafayette Township, Sussex County NJ (US)
BegraventeHardyston Township, Sussex County NJ (US), North Church Cemetery
VaderGarret van Blarcom
 Geborenomstreeks 1780
MoederMary DeGraw
 Geborenomstreeks 1784
ZusMary Ann
BroerSamuel geb. 1805
ZusSusan geb. 26 augustus 1819


William, son of Garret and Mary (De Graw) Van Blarcom, was born at the "Ponds," Bergen county, New Jersey, 1814, died in 1854. In 1852 he removed to Lafayette township, Sussex county, and lived a quite life as a practical farmer; he never sought political place or the emoluments of offices. He married Catherine A., born 1814, daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Rorick) Sutton, of Hardyston township. In 1858 her parents removed to Michigan, where both died. She and her husband were active members of the Christian Church and assisted in building the church edifice at Monroe Corner. Children: 1. Lewis. 2. Garret Van Blarcom. 3. Lucy A., married James E. Price, of Romeo, Michigan. 4. Susan, C., married Nelson Ackerson, of Lafayette. 5. Joseph. 6. Andrew J. 7. Hannah, married Charles Y. Dolsen, of Newton.

Source: Lee, Francis Bazley. 1910. Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey. New York: Lewis Publishing Company.

Huwelijk te 
metCatherine A. Sutton
Geboren9 augustus 1813teHardyston Township, Sussex County NJ (US)
Overleden19 maart 1891te 
Begraven teNewton, Sussex County NJ (US), Newton Cemetery
Kinderen Lewis geb. 19 juli 1835
Lucy A.
Susan C. geb. 4 maart 1841
Andrew J. geb. 2 maart 1848

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