Phillip Eli [Ernest] van Blaricom
Geboren5 oktober 1840inShelby County OH (US)
Overleden30 mei 1925inReynolds, Todd County MN (US)
BegraveninEvergreen Cemetery, Long Prairie, Todd County MN (US)
VaderDavid van Blaricom
 Geboren1 januari 1800
 Overleden22 oktober 1878
MoederMary Ann Reed
 Geboren25 november 1802
 Overleden14 april 1884
BroerHenry geb. 1 mei 1824
BroerWilliam geb. 30 april 1826
ZusRebecca Martha geb. 3 maart 1832
BroerDavid geb. 21 november 1833
BroerLevi Perry geb. 12 september 1842
Verblijfplaats(en)Shelby County OH (US) tot 1845
 IN (US) van 1845 tot 1855
 Le Sueur County MN (US) van 1855 tot 1873
 Reynolds, Todd County MN (US) van 1873 tot 1920

Volkstelling 1920Reynolds, Todd County MN


Van Blaricom, Philip E. died at his old home in Todd County, near Long Prairie, Tuesday morning, May 30th at the age of 84 years; 9 months and 25 days.
Brother Van Blaricom was born October 5th, 1840, in Shelbea County, Ohio, whence in 1845 with his parents he went to Indiana. In 1855 they moved to Le Suer County, Minnesota. Brother Van Blaricom served his country in the Civil War, belonging to the First Regiment of Minnesota Mounted Rangers. He was dipchai-gid in St. Paul in 1863.
In 1864 he was married to Roxy Bailey and to them were born six children, Mrs. Hattie Zuberbier, William. Frank. .Abraham. Taylor, and John Van Blaricom. Mrs. Van Blaricom died in 1874. In 1873 Brother Van Blaricom took as a homestead the farm where he resided until the day of death. In 1879 he was married to Mary Matilda Yarno, and to them were born eight children, P. C. and Ernest Van Blaricom, Mrs. Mattie Gritzmacher, Mrs. Minnie Sultz, Ray and Noble Van Blaricom, Mrs. Grace Miller, and Mrs. Nellie Brooks.
Many years ago Brother and Sister Van Blaricom accepted the truth under the labors of Elder W. B. Hill. Much of the time since then they have been without church privileges and the association of others of like faith, and there have no doubt been times of discouragement, but surely to one to whom has come the light of the Message, it must still be the "Blessed Hope" in the hour of need.
The funeral service was conducted at the home, and words of comfort and admonition were spoken, jased upon John 11:28, "The Master is come and calleth for thee." E. L. Sheldon

Northern Union Reaper, July 28, 1925

Huwelijk 3 februari 1864inWaterville, Le Sueur County MN (US)
metRoxy J. Bailey
Geborenomstreeks 1844inSauk Centre, Stearns County MN (US)
Overleden5 maart 1874 
Kinderen Harriet
William Henry geb. 8 mei 1867
Franklin Benjamin geb. 29 nov. 1869
Abraham Lincoln geb. 5 nov. 1870
Samuel Taylor geb. 9 febr. 1872
John Newton geb. 2 maart 1874
Huwelijk 1879 
metMary Matilda Yarno
Kinderen Phillip Conrad geb. 19 aug. 1880
Ernest M. geb. 27 maart 1882
Martha Ellen geb. 13 aug. 1884
Minnie Olive geb. 24 aug. 1886
David Ray geb. 8 sept. 1888
Noble Jerome geb. 23 mei 1890
Grace Ethel geb. 23 juni 1895
Nellie May geb. 23 maart 1897
Phillip en zijn gezin,
ca. 1905-1910
(Bron: Walkemeyer)
Grafsteen op Evergreen
Cemetery, Long Prairie,
Todd County MN (US)
(Bron: Sue Walkemeyer)
Volkstelling 1920
(Bron: Ellen Barnes)

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